Welcome To Innoctive Technologies


Established in 2017 with headquarters in Pune, India, we are a small group of talented professionals working hard & smart, day & night to deliver products that matter.


At Innoctive, we never stop trying new things and pushing ourselves to limits unknown. The way we see it, the perspective we bring in is innovation driven, so the name Innoctive - an innovation perspective.


Our Strategy is simple and straight forward, solve real hard problems, spend life in solving things that matter, be it clean energy, traffic or pollution, we are here to make lives better..

Innoctive Technologies is a funded technology venture focused on building products that solve real world problems, we believe technology can strongly contribute towards making this world a better place by providing solutions that was not possible before.

We are building a suite of niche products, these products are all based on demands in the current market ie we go customer first, the build cycles are all driven by customers, they push their needs and we build for them. The products are built on cloud, scalable and generic enough to fit a broader market scale.

Specialized Services

Customer Relationship Management

We help our clients to manage their customers, track down their assets and accounts

Logistics Software Services

We help our clients by handling logistics tasks like creating LR and other documents using Software

Cloud Computing

We use cloud functionalities in all our softwares, which allows us to provide maximum uptime

SMS and Email Marketing Campaigns

Our clients can send targeted SMS & Email to their customers using our Software

Document and Image Processing

We help our clients to process documents and images easily

Enterprise Resource Planning

We help our clients to manage their company, assets and accounts

Digitize Everything

We digitize everything, convert all paper to digital medium, we do this to help customers increase their digital footprint and for a greener world.

Artificial Intelligence

We use artificial intelligence in our products to improve the user experience and enable automation for certain process

Machine Learning

Our products use machine learning to predict certain behaviours and suggest our customers effective ways to improve their business


Products and
Apps Delivered