Founded in 2017, Innoctive Technologies Pvt Ltd's mission is to solve problems that really matter and organize the unorganized sectors. We believe the world will be a better place to live when we put technology to its best capacity in solving real world problems.

Our Products

CARGOFL is a Technology platform for logistics, manage your logistics operations effectively, earn more and save cost with Cargofl. Cargofl is a Simple, Intuitive & Effective logistics ERP (SaaS Cloud Platform) for handling FTL & PTL operations. Also it manages your accounts, generates eLR automatically, vehicle reports and instant invoices.

TRUCKLO is a logistics company that's technology driven building a network of reliable trucks, with best service, operations and pricing guarantee. We are an Intercity freight movement company – on demand, automated, real-time transparency. Trucklo makes transportation easy and simple – right from loading/unloading to tracking your vehicles real time. Trucklo's technology is powered by Innoctive Technologies Pvt Ltd.


Deepesh Kuruppath
Founder & CEO

Vinayak Mahajan

Ganesh Kalal

Swati Sonje
Quality Analysis

Seema Kote

Rajahmad Mulani

Vinay Chavan

Ashish Agarwal

Tejaswini Kanade

Ashwini Mulik

Kisan Sargar

Investors & Advisors

DNX India Pvt Ltd
Vidyadhar Shinde & Raju Salve

AIC Pinnacle Ventures
Sudhir Mehta