Product Development Strategy

Idea Generation & Screening

Our idea generation and screening process involves understanding an existing problem or situation and stating them differently that leads to different ideas. For every situation, there is a set of key assumptions, challenging these assumptions gives a whole new spin on possibilities. Another technique we apply is to think in reverse i.e. instead of focusing on how we could solve a problem/improve operations/enhance a product, we dig into methods on how to break a product, that way we come up with a whole new set of ideas of revamping the product from scratch

The key point here is we look at all aspects of a problem and situation and make sure that the idea being discussed is the best way of solving it.

Proof Of Concept

using design, rapid development and rapid integration methodologies, we develop proof-of-concepts. The prototyping process involves producing functional full scale models of the product

Beta Testing

Engineering revisions are made based upon the findings of the prototype testing and subsequent prototypes are produce to verify issue corrections and optimal functionality


Innoctive's Product Development service aligns with the needs of today?s businesses. Our unique distributed agile methodology and product development mindset, promote iterative product development and continuous integration of product strategy, product design, and supported product releases throughout the product lifecycle. We deliver the highest quality, innovative software product to maximize product revenue generation for our clients

Launch, Manage Releases and Commercialize

Innoctive manages product launches, releases in a very effective way, we focus on accelerating time to revenue and ensuring the product's success in the marketplace by addressing the requirements of all who must market, sell, buy and support it.

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